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hinata spots the bae

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For best effect, scroll back up and say “you’re so cute” and then read through it again

Midnight Marco scribbles shalala


Remember when manga Kaworu just barged in on Shinji in a small shower while butt ass naked


And uncomfortably rubbed himself against Shinji to reach for some soap


And thrust his junk at him when he noticed Shinji didn’t like contact with others


I think about this a lot

Track: Clear trying to be smooth
Album: DRAMAtical Murder Clear x Aoba Drama CD Disc 1
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Quick extract from track 5 on disc 1 of the ClearAo drama CD.

Basically Clear saw an advertisement on his way to Heibon about “Top 10 things girls wish her boyfriend would do” so….he tries to be smooth and changes the way he speaks (as you can hear him laughing obnoxiously and correcting himself from “boku” to “ore” XD ) but only ends up confusing Aoba and walks into a door…so smooth…..stop him, he’s too cute


Tiger & Bunny + Tumblr text posts


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please tell me im not the only one who remembers that photoset/gif that went around where it has the final scenes of death note where light is trying to defend himself but someone replaced the text so it was him teaching them how to swim


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i’m scared because i feel like i’ve started something more horrifying than my usual fangirl bullshit